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A sweet dining chair


ABBRACCIO - Dining chair

February 21, 2021

Abbraccio means hug in Italian.

hug, noun: An act of holding someone tightly in one’s arms typically to express affection

And this is exactly what the shape of this chair wants to achieve.

The armrest symbolise a fictional hug.

ABBRACCIO is a small project of mine, where I set myself a time constraint of two days in order to come out with a chair concept based on some starting inspiration. 

The result is a minimal yet elegant dining chair, which aims to hug you while alone in this social distancing times.



This project kicked off with a design case, to redesign a dining chair in two days.
Due to the length of the design case, I had to quickly plan how to manage the time in the best way possible.

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I was asked to redesign a dining chair based on the following selection.

Screenshot 2021-05-04 at 10.50.47.png


It begins with analysing the inspirational references and mapping out thoughts and ideas around the subject.

Mind Map


Collection of inspirational images

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Abbraccio celebrates simplicity while being open to modular upgrades.
The one above is the standard version, and it is possible to upgrade it through two add ons.
The armrest which embraces the user in a warm hug, and back and bottom cushion pads in a variety of colours, to increase comfort and ergonomics.




There is a total of 7 components which makes up for the basic option, 8 components for the more exclusive version.

The parts are:

Left and right legs

Bars for leg reinforcement:


L connection seat to backrest;


Moreover is possible to have backrest and seat padded in leather.

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The assembly process starts by placing the legs in a standing position and connecting them using the leg bars.
Once in position, the seat can be mounted over the legs, stabilising the structure.
An L connection centre part is then screwed to the bottom of the seat, creating a joint between the seat and backrest.
Tighten the L connection to the seat, is now possible to add the backrest which is screwed over the top part of the L connector. 
At this point, the basic version of Abbraccio is ready to be used.
In addition, there is the possibility to add the armrest, which is mounted from the bottom over the L connector, hold in place by screws. 
The user can decide to have the backrest, seat or both covered with a leather pillow, to improve over comfort and obtain a more serious yet elegant style.



Details close up images, to appreciate it all.



A selection of different materials and colours chosen for Abbraccio.
The main body of the chair is wood, available in many variants; while the other customisable component is the bottom and back leather cushions available in a range of colours.

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