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An unusual cutlery set


DISCONNECTED - An unusual cutlery set

November 11, 2020

What if we deconstruct the common shape of a cutlery set, specifically a fork, a knife and a spoon?

The following concept is a 2 days personal project, where I asked myself how to deconstruct these items while keeping the main attributes that characterise each item.

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The shapes of this cutlery set focus on the idea of deconstruction; the top main part of the item is separated from the base. 

This division creates a gap between the top part which goes in contact with the user mouth and food, and the surface the cutlery set lays on.

The body is divided into three main parts:

- top, which is the part used for eating or cutting;

- body, the part the user handles;

- bottom​, a pin that tightens all together.



The colours, materials and finishing options rely on the material properties.

We have four main variants:

- Brass, which offers a cooler tint compared to gold

- Titanium, which has a warm grey dark tone

- Silver, it offers a cool light grey option

- Copper, which is the warmest between all kinds.

Top and bottom part have both a glossy metal finish, while the handle is characterised by its matte finish.

All pieces are using the same material, creating a clean and minimalistic aesthetic.


In Scene Visuals

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