An anti-distractions lamp



An anti-distractions lamp

September 14, 2020

LANCE is a lamp that requires the user to leave their phone into the apposite drawer to switch the light on.

It aims to balance the rhythm of everyday life, helping you in using your phone less in social situations.

LAmp + BalaNCE = LANCE

Lance NEW.612.png


The research process was focused on finding information about phone use-related problems. Nowadays life shows that very often people spend time on their phone, sometimes even when in social contexts.

I wanted to create a product that could hack as a phone inhibitor, requiring the user to place their phone into the lamp, to activate the light.

The aim is to let the user enjoy the social context better, or, if alone, to better focus on the task ahead - from work to relaxing activities. 

  • Phone addiction - people tend to spend more and more time on their phone

  • Staying but not being together

  • Stress and responsibilities of every day - modern-day life and its rhythms

  • General interest on the issue of tech addiction - Google with “Shush”, APPLE timing apps use

  • Sleep disturbances - phone addiction has been linked to an increase in sleep disorders and fatigue in users

  • Smartphone use could increase the amount of time it takes to fall asleep - light emitted from the cell phone may activate the brain.

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  • Relationship problems - Offline relationships may suffer as a result of neglect in favour of excessive cell phone and social media use

  • Anxiety - Research has found that college students who use their cell phones the most are more likely to feel anxious during downtime


"How might we help increase focus in modern-day life, in order to foster interaction and togetherness at home?”

Lance NEW.528.png


After analysing many possible concepts, I decided to pursue a lamp concept because light:

  • “Creates” atmosphere

  • Improves environment perception

  • Influences mood

  • is interactive

  • is Colourful and Playful

  • Fosters feelings

  • Defines activities and spaces

untitled.709 2.png




LANCE is a lamp and a drawer where phones - max 2 per lamp - could be hidden to activate the light source.

Removing distractions and improving the surrounding, 

if you are in company, LANCE helps you focus on relationships and conversations; 

if alone, it helps focus on tasks or relaxing activity.

The lamp is turned on or off by a switch placed on the backside. Once on, in order to activate the light the user phone should be placed into the lamp. Positioned in the middle of LANCE, the phone is stored over a weight balance plate which once lowered down it turns the light on.

Over the front side there are two interactive buttons, respectively a dial and a slider.

A knob is placed in the center and it works as a dimmer, which the user might use to reduce or increase the light intensity by preference.

Underneath the dimmer, there is a hue slider, which moved from left to right and viceversa, affects the colour of the light. 

Lance NEW.661.png



USB C connection 

On the backside of LANCE, an USB C port is placed to recharge the lamp. In this way, it is possible to use any common charger the user already posses for their phone.
The charging process is shown through the LED indicator placed within


On/Off Switch and LED Indicator

Close to the USB port, a switch is placed to allow the user to turn ON or OFF the lamp when in or out of use.

The Off position is shown through a debossed text placed internally to the slot.

Once the switch is slid to the right, the lamp is on, even though it is not emitting any light.

Inside the On/Off slot there is a LED indicator that helps the user with basic information.

If white, the lamp is charged and ready to be used;

progressively, the LED will tend to become orange, and lastly red, which means to charge the battery as soon as possible through the USB C input.

While in charge, the LED will proceed from red to green, where green stands for fully charged and ready to be disconnected.



To activate the light, Lance needs a phone - max 2 per lamp.
The system is activated through a weight balance plate, which will press down when weight is applied, turning on the lamp light.
Meanwhile, it provides a drawer to keep the phone away when in specific contexts.
When alone, it gives the user a place to put the phone aside and away from sight, leaving the user focused on the task or activity ahed. 
When in company of other people, it helps the couple to focus and appreciate the moment together, away from distractions.
The lamp is activated providing a better atmosphere and environment, which should enhance the user experience.


DIMMER and HUE Slider

In the center of Lance, there is a knob which acts as a mean to dim the light up or down.
The intensity of the light defines certain activity and moods, and it is left to the user deciding accordingly to the situtation.
Lance offers the possibility to change the light hue, through a slider placed underneath the dimmer.
Light colours help to achieve different results based on the chosen colour.



The CMF of the project is inspired by material already in use at IKEA, PP recycled plastic filled with wood chips used in the Odger chair.

The decision was driven by finding a material that had both playful as well as sustainable characteristic; moreover, the material is already known and used by IKEA, which makes it more affordable and stable.

To the main three colourways - Clay, Cork and Blue - I added four more vivid, saturated and playful colours - Lemon, Mandarin, Strawberry and Acqua.

The top part is meant to have rough transparency, milk alike, which should light to transit through and work as a lampshade, diffusing the light source in a soft way.

The material chosen is PP in its white translucent form.



LANCE is a critical design, which aims to make reflect on time, how it is spent and the quality of it.

In the meanwhile, it works as a lamp and a drawer where phones will be hidden to activate the light source.

Removing distractions and improving the surrounding, 

if you are in company, LANCE helps you focus on relationships and conversations; 

if alone, it helps focus on tasks or relaxing activity.