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Personal Projects

Take a look at our way of thinking, our design language.

Below you can find some of my past and recent projects.

Feel free to browse through this portfolio and see if something inspires you.

March 15, 2021

I often find myself looking for space on my desk no matter how big it is, I am the kind of person who is able to fill it up easily. Considering that living spaces are getting smaller, people are looking to maximise their own place smartly and efficiently. From an Instagram challenge, here is PILE a speaker concept which reflects on modularity and compactness, delivering high-performance sound while occupying as little space as possible.


March 10, 2021

Let me introduce you to TAPEr a minimal yet playful tape that aims to bring some joy to your desk! This mini personal project started as a redesign/rendering exercise for a "Design Workout" challenge on Instagram. It is a very quick project, approximately a couple of days, where I asked myself how such an object might look a bit more playful, while still retaining minimalistic traces. From a very quick idea here is TAPEr.

February 22, 2021

ABBRACCIO is a small project of mine, where I set myself a time constraint of two days in order to come out with a chair concept based on some starting inspiration. The result is a minimal yet elegant dining chair, which aims to hug you while in these social distancing times.

says who chair.1468 copy 2.png
Cutlery Set 31.png

November 11, 2020

My Headphones brings together form and functionality to create a beautiful and useful product. This project managed to perfectly balance my innovative ideas with the vision and unique preferences of my client. Do you like what you see? I can recreate this project for you or create a similar version according to your specifications. Let’s chat today.

November 2, 2020

Who doesn’t want to talk to a donut?

Who doesn’t actually talk to a donut after the first bite?

"Oh, you’re soooo good!"

Well, this is your opportunity to do so, and have an answer back!

It is just one bite*... I mean word away!

This small personal project started as a RenderWeekly challenge on Instagram.

It is a 1 week and half project where I have made a concept, researched about the product and its use, 3d modelled and rendered this "Tasty" Smart Assistant.

Tasty - Smart Assistant 41.png

September 29, 2020

The main character of this story is the headlamp: a small and portable source of light to carry with you and place anywhere in the room. 

The lamp is intended to work as a torch lamp, with the purpose of enhancing the atmosphere and mood in a room.

Complemented with the main two accessories, desk and floor stand, the use of Tris is as wide as it can be, covering any kinds of lights: ambient, task and area.

September 14, 2020

LANCE is a lamp that requires the user to leave their phone into the apposite drawer to switch the light on.

It aims to balance the rhythm of everyday life, helping you in using your phone less in social situations.

LAmp + BalaNCE = LANCE

calculator rendering.424.png

August 23, 2020

Let's be honest, most of us, unfortunately, sucks at math... so, this calculator is inspired by the suckers on an octopus tentacle.

This mini personal project started as a RenderWeekly challenge on Instagram, back in 2018 while I was studying at Designskolen Kolding.

It is a 2-day project where I have tried to come out with a concept, research, 3d model and render this little and curvy calculator.

Projects: My Portfolio
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