A tape at a taper angle


TAPEr - A tape at a taper angle

March 10, 2021

Let me introduce you to TAPEr a minimal yet playful tape that aims to bring some joy to your desk! This mini personal project started as a redesign/rendering exercise for a "Design Workout" challenge on Instagram. It is a very quick project, approximately a couple of days, where I asked myself how such an object might look a bit more playful, while still retaining minimalistic traces. From a very quick idea here is TAPEr.


The shape of TAPEr is soft and rounded, yet angled and clean. 

The inclined shape helps the user action.

Once the tape is finished, the tongue on the back helps to lift the tape to easily remove it. 


Colours Selection

The colour selection in this project was based on personal preferences.

The idea of having TAPEr bi-colour was to implement a certain playfulness in the object, while yet retaining minimal characteristics. 


In Context Visuals


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