Tasty - Smart Assistant 41.png


A donut dressed up as Smart Assistant


TASTY - A donut dressed up as Smart assistant

November 2, 2020

Who doesn’t want to talk to a donut?

Who doesn’t actually talk to a donut after the first bite?

"Oh, you’re soooo good!"

Well, this is your opportunity to do so, and have an answer back!

It is just one bite*... I mean word away!

It is a 1 week and a half project where I have made a concept, researched about the product and its use, 3d modelled and rendered this "Tasty" Smart Assistant.



Collection of inspirational images

Moodboard Smart Assistant.png

The soft and curvy shape of Tasty, and the materials choices make it up for a comfortable and cozy appearance. 

These choices were determined by the fact that most of the smart assistants live at home and therefore I wanted to create something that would perfectly match with the environment.

Tasty - Smart Assistant 46.png


If the user wants to, Tasty has its own dock stand which makes it possible to place the smart assistant vertically.
The pattern around the dock is also round and wavy, resembling signal waves.



Some shots of Tasty's details



A selection of colours chosen for Tasty.
The front of the smart assistant is a textile fabric, while the back a semi matte plastic of the same colour of the textile colour.
Only the white and black version have the inner part, visible from the back, in a shiny plastic.

Tasty - Smart Assistant 65.png
Tasty - Smart Assistant 68.png


Following there is a special edition of Tasty, where it looks even more like a donut.
The intended effect is to use recycled textile with details on top that should resemble sprinkles on a donut glaze. The dock base is made out of recycled wood bits and plastic binding.

Tasty - Smart Assistant 73.png
Tasty - Smart Assistant 77.png


Here are some context shots to show the product in its environment.

Tasty - Smart Assistant 110.png